Workout Program for Military Workers

Due to the high demand for tactical requirements of a modern soldier, the physical training approach in the military has evolved over the years. One of the most common, but quite essential military workout programs is the Making Wave (MAW). It combines various training techniques that create well-rounded athletic capabilities. This training method entails engaging the soldiers in the things they need rather than the needs they would like. For a soldier to become ‘real’ combat personnel, there are many things that need to be achieved during a training program.

The training program involves climbing up an uneven terrain on the side of a mountain. This also includes the speed at which the soldier will do it, which translates how effective that can be done during an actual battle. The program also teaches them to tactically drag an injured soldier up to a distance of 100 yards without causing more harm to himself or to the injured person. If the soldier doesn’t pay attention to every detail, there is a likelihood of losing the mission to the enemy. Whether it is leaving evidence at a scene or accidentally stepping on a tree branch, such careless mistakes can lead to permanent unwelcoming results.

One of the causes of such mistakes is the use of wrong military boots. For any military person or enforcement personnel, perhaps you understand how vital boots are to that kind of job. A sturdy pair of boots prevents a soldier from weather elements as well as enhances ease of running to reach a target on time.

Athletic Military Boots


The brands such as Magnum have improved on the standard boots with the new design that offers more performance capabilities. The athletic military boots are not only critical for military soldiers but also for police officers. They allow faster movement when pursuing criminals, which could be a difficult task if using the heavy traditional combat boots. Similarly, both the soldiers and law enforcement officers require proper boots for workouts for better results when it comes to field operations.

For instance, the Navy SEALs undergo intensive workouts. They must graduate from a course known as Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUDS), which goes for 24 weeks of training. The training program engages the soldiers into vigorous running whereby every trainee must cover at least 30 miles in every week in order to keep fit and shape. The workouts are the determinants of whether or not a trainee qualifies to be part of the military. One will learn how to use the boots in running, given that the recruits may choose what type of boots to use. However, investing modern military boots such as the Hell Week can be a great option for running boots.

Lightweight Military Boots

Athletic Military Boots

Weight is one of the vital factors of a military pair of boots designed for running. It is not advisable to attempt sprinting in heavy boots that are not designed for such workout. The exercise is tailored to make the trainees more efficient when it comes to field missions. Do not forget that most of the soldiers’ time is spent in movement. Just like the shoes designed for athletes, tactical boots for running are crafted using light materials that can equally protect a soldier from harsh weather elements while enabling easier running when the need arises.

When looking for military boots for running a few things need to be considered. First and foremost, they should be able to protect you and provide excellent performance. Military boots such as the Viper 8.0 are designed such that the weight and durability aspects are properly balanced. They have additional features to withstand rough terrains as well as allow you to run for miles without feeling exhausted.

Factors to Consider in Military Boots for Workout


Some of the military workouts happen in mountains and other rough terrains. Such places require comfortable boots for effective performance. They should have good padding on the insoles and midsoles to offer proper cushioning on your feet. The cushion also absorbs the sprint shock.


When running on a rough terrain, great traction is obviously required. This is important when you want to stop instantly as well as when you want to start running immediately. Choosing models with deep lugs allows you to make sharp stopovers and turns. Boots with perfect outsoles offer the best traction.


Modern boots are being constructed putting into consideration the professional use, performance, and durability. The front part of the boots can twist and lift upwards so that your foot can flex accordingly. This makes running easier because the foot has a wider range of movement, but not compromising the comfort.


Good quality military boots are made of breathable materials with ventilation, ensuring your foot stays dry. The Response III models are designed with breathable materials on the uppers. When looking for your military boots for a workout, choose those with mesh exteriors because they are designed to prevent sweating of feet.

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