How to Run Properly on the Treadmill? Proper Shoes You Need to Use

If you consider running on a treadmill, perhaps this article is exclusively for you. Probably you are a business person and you travel frequently, and therefore you want some quick workout before leaving the following day. Or maybe you hate exercising from outside due to polluted air, running on a treadmill can save you such miseries. Sometimes your exercise schedules could be disrupted by a snowy winter or when the summer solar is too harsh for you. Whatever reason, you will embrace running on the treadmill. However, did you know that outdoor running shoes are not suitable for treadmill running?

How to Run Properly on the Treadmill

Sounds great, right? It is also important to note that the treadmill running shoes can be used comfortably on the ground, but not vice versa. Before you start shopping, understand the difference between the two phenomena. One of the obvious differences is that running on the treadmill does not allow you to stop just like you can stop while running on the street. A treadmill will also make you run faster than on the road. So, these factors tell you something about the shoes for both scenarios. For a treadmill running, you need firm and stable shoes that offer a perfect grip.

Just before I highlight the best shoes you need for treadmill running, let us see a few important factors to consider when choosing workout shoes.

First, the weight of the shoes is an important aspect to put in mind. Generally, shoes for running are light-weight to enhance the ease of user’s movement. However, some of the running shoes have poor padding feature. That is why a runner on a treadmill should consider a perfect balance between the shoes’ cushioning and the weight. Check more on

Second, the cushioning itself is an integral part of the treadmill running shoes. This is because the heel part of the foot experiences more pressure than the toe area. Therefore, an additional cushioning on the heel is required to reduce the hard impact when running on the treadmill. Shoes with appropriate cushioning provide essential support on the runner’s stance and prevent the occurrence of footsore afterward.

How to Run Properly on the Treadmill 2

Third, it is always advisable to select comfortable shoes. An exerciser deserves comfort in order to get the necessary motivation to keep on moving. Don’t forget that uncomfortable shoes may cause foot injury, according to a study report published by Eneslow. Finding the perfect shoes for your feet may be a hectic task, but getting the right shoes that feel good on the feet makes more sense. In short, the best workout shoes should feel comfortable on the exerciser’s feet.

Fourth, it is important to choose shoes that are flexible to prevent issues like shin splints. Avoid those bogus shoes that tend to bend in the arch, instead, look for those that bend at the foot ball. Flexible shoes should also be able to twist depending on the movement of the exerciser. However, there has been a challenge on the side of shoe designers when trying to balance between flexibility and support of the shoes due to different types of feet. Shoes for cross-training can be the ideal for different activities but not best for running.

Best Treadmill Running Shoes

Nike Free RN fly knit

This is an excellent treadmill running shoe, which is also suitable for gym use. It is flexible and the planted base creates a comfort zone for the foot.

New balance vazee pace 2

The vazee pace is designed for treadmill running as well as for gym use. It is stable, firm, and allows fast movement by the exerciser. The upper part is designed to fit comfortably while its inner sleeve leaves your feet feeling natural.

New balance zante v3

The zante v3 is designed with a softer interior compared to the vazee pace2, making it a nice pick for treadmill running. It also light-weight to ensure the exerciser’s feet do not feel exhausted after the workout. Additionally, it fits perfectly.

Underarmour speedform slingshot

The speedform slingshot is lightweight, suitable for runners on either a treadmill or on the ground. The upper is knitted carefully to provide a perfect grip. Also, its midsole allows a faster motion.

Adidas Boston 6 boost

This Boston 6 boost is light-weight designed for all runners. Also, it provides a firm support to the foot, preventing any possible injury while running.

Asics dynaflyte

The Asics dynaflyte has been designed by blending various good features. Its midsole is excellent for comfort running. It is also light-weight and offers adequate support with perfect cushioning.

Sketchers gomeb razor

These are some of the competent running shoes on the market. They are designed with light-weight materials, which are supportive too. Also, they feature a low heel offset, making them a perfect selection for treadmill running exercisers.


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