Ready for The Tennis Season?

As most of us are used to indoor tennis, the summer is just around the corner and temperature continues to climb up. This means most people will switch from indoor to outdoor tennis in a few days time. So, the aspect of keeping fit comes in whereby you will need to have proper footwork as you get ready for the outdoor season. Factors such as wind, solar, and slower shots need to be considered as key things. When it comes to slower courts and the swirling wind, a player will be focusing on smaller steps in order to adapt to proper positioning when hitting a ball. Again, sun or solar cannot be overlooked while at the outdoor and therefore a player should engage in playing in the heat as early as now in order to improve endurance for an actual tennis sport.

Ready for The Tennis Season?

Alright, it is important to know that tennis has evolved into a sport loved by many people, both old and young. It is a popular sport all over the world, which is different from all other types of games. A player must stay focused and full of confidence to beat the competitor. You need self-esteem to risk a shot, as well as endurance to hold out a long set match. Due to its rapidly increasing popularity, there are various sets of equipment for players based on skill level, age, or competitive needs. Therefore, let us look at each piece of equipment.

Tennis Equipment

Tennis ball

For the last few decades, there is a fallacy that the regular sized yellow tennis balls can be used by young players at the very start. However, it is important to understand that such a step may have negative impacts on how these newbie players will learn and perceive tennis game over a short period of time. The yellow balls are specifically for adults and experienced players. There are different types of balls in any local tennis store, where you can choose the right balls for either adults or young players. A red felt or foam ball is usually perfect for youngsters between 5 to 8 years. The ball moves at a slower speed, therefore allowing the young players to practice better. Thus, this improves their talent and builds up confidence in them. For youngsters between 9 and 10 years, the orange balls can be their perfect choice because they move at a slower pace suitable for a relatively bigger court. Lastly, the green ones are for 11 years old youngsters or the children who can appropriately play the yellow balls.

tennis ball



Tennis racquets also come in different sizes suitable for different players based on their age and skill level. Any player who is 8 years and below, a 19″ to 23″ racquet can be an ideal choice. For those who are above 8 but under 10 years can use a 25″ racquet. Therefore, choosing an appropriate racquet is the key to having the best experience in tennis sport. The appropriate size of the racquet allows the player to hit the ball properly and learn how to control in an easier manner.

Tennis Equipment


In the past few decades, people used to play tennis in any outfit. Clothes didn’t matter when it comes to tennis sport, but nowadays things have changed drastically. There are different types of apparel available for tennis players, which makes a newbie look like a professional tennis player. You can choose a polo t-shirt, compression shorts, or tank tops, all designed for tennis sports. However, it is important to note that days are gone when people used to wear cotton clothes when playing tennis. Cotton absorbs moisture due to vigorous movements and therefore can be uncomfortable for the player. Therefore, choose clothing that can wick away moisture and leave the player’s skin feeling dry throughout the set matches.

Tennis shoes

When choosing a pair of tennis shoes, it is advisable to consider a few features. Just like any other athlete, lightweight shoes are highly recommended for improved performance. Tennis game involves a lot of motions, and therefore lightweight shoes will allow flexibility when it comes to changing directions. Stability is another aspect to consider, given the quick movement involved. If your shoes do not provide adequate stability, you are likely to sustain ankle sprains and other foot injuries even before the set matches are over. Another vital factor is breathability of the material used to make the shoes. Given the scorching sun during the summer, you are likely to have blisters if the shoes are not ventilated enough. Some of the best shoe brands include the Adidas, Nike, and Asics.

In conclusion, it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that a kid has the right pieces of equipment for playing a tennis game. Providing them with the correct tools, apparel, and shoes, they will enjoy the sport. They will also find it interesting and put all their energies in it, which may translate into professionalism. Remember, tennis game is now a worldwide sport that has created employment for many youths.

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