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Exervo PE2 Foam Roller 36 x 6

Exervo PE2 Foam Roller 36" x 6"


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Exervo PE2 36" Foam Roller- Forgiving Level 3 Firmness For Less Intense Massage

Of all the fitness accessory tools introduced over the last 20 years the foam roller is one of the most effective, inexpensive and versatile pieces or equipment. Foam rollers are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts as a balance trainer, therapeutic massage roller, pilates core training and stabilization and for back care & massage. Chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers use foam roller therapy for treatments and conditioning. The foam roll is an excellent aid for self massage of the upper and lower back, hip, ab & adductors, plus calf, hamstring, glute and quad muscles. The roller is especially popular and useful for IT (iliotibial) band syndrome. The secret to the foam rollers success is this: The user controls the amount of pressure at the point of massage by adjusting the amount of force (body weight) applied and the force is high enough to relieve the muscular tension.

What I Like About PE2 Foam Rollers

image of Hal Lier, owner of Nefitco, Inc. "Tiny bubbles- yes, that's what makes a great foam roller like our PE2 roller. The PE2 is produced with millions of microscopic bubbles uniformly spaced from the core to the outer edge of the roller. This consistency gives the roller the ability to slightly compress or what we call "deflect" at the surface then rebound to it's original shape. Our roller will "give" ever so slightly at a focused pressure point and rebound back to it's original shape immediately. The size and uniformity of the bubbles in our PE2 roller makes it more comfortable to workout on and more durable. It's easy to test a foam roller for deflection and rebound. Just press your thumb down hard on the foam roller for 5 seconds then release. The PE2 foam roller will rebound back to it's original shape within a second. Our rollers are also uniformly round with no flat spots and they're manufactured utilizing a precision extrusion process." - Hal Lier,Owner-

Foam Roller Comparison Chart

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About Exervo™ PE2 Foam Rollers

Exervo PE2 foam rollers are a white polyethylene foam extruded and cured. They're made for the medical, health and fitness market. They are not packing foam. Our foam rollers are precision crafted using the highest quality raw materials available. The materials and manufacturing processes produce a foam roller consisting of millions of tiny foam cells. Foam cell walls are called struts. Foam consisting of millions of tiny cells and supporting struts contribute to the durability and longevity of the PE2 foam roller.


Item: Exervo PE2 Foam Roller
Dimensions: Length- "36", Diameter- 6" full round
Options: Also available in 4 and 12 packs
Note: Ships Ground only

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