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Exervo Foam Rollers 

Foam rollers for muscle massage, back care and physical therapy- choose from 4 firmness levels

product with 5 star rating"Foam rollers rule! Purchased this foam roller after reading an article in Bicycling Magazine. I was a bit skeptical having never used one before. Let me say I am thrilled with this product - it really allows you to work out the aches and kinks. I bought a firmer roller and the 36 inch length. This works well for me." - A.P.


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Nefitco Firmness Scale

Level 6 (L6), Very Firm
Nimbus UltruBead
exervo nimbus ultrubead rollers Just a bit of give at the surface and our firmest roller for deep, focused massage. For users who want very firm, hard pressure.
Level 5 (L5), Extra Firm
Nimbus EnduraBead
exervo nimbus endurabead Some give at the surface about 10% softer than L6. Deep massage pressure but a little less intense than the UltruBead.
Level 4 (L4), Firm
Nimbus EnduraBead Lite
exervo nimbus endurabead lite About 10% less firm than the L5 for lower massage focal pressure. Versatile all around roller for various muscle groups.
Level 3 (L3), Medium Firm
PE2, TeraNova
exervo teranovaexervo pe2 About 10% less firm than the L4- our softest roller. Ideal for beginners, therapy and a more sensitive effect.
Note: Foam roller firmness levels are a general guide. For information specific to your particular needs Nefitco highly recommends you consult with your certified trainer, therapist or health care provider.



Exervo brand quality foam rollers, pool exercise equipment, interlocking exercise mats, balance discs




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