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Fitball Sport 65cm Exercise Ball

Fitball Sport Exercise Ball - 65cm (26 in.) With Pump


Fitball Sport 65cm Exercise Ball For Pilates, Core & Stability Exercising

The Fitball Sport has a tested weight bearing capacity of 1250 lbs. This ball includes a free Exervo™ double action inflation pump. The following chart is a guide to use when selecting the right ball size. In general, if you are on the borderline of any size recommendation it's better to select the smaller size since exercising on the smaller diameter ball will enhance your overall balance and stability while working out on the ball.

Fitball Sizing Chart

Ball Size Body Height
55 cm/22" 4'8" - 5'3"
65 cm/26" 5'3" - 6'0"
75 cm/30" 6'0" - 6' 7"

Inflation Instructions and Care

Please read the Safety, Care And Use Instructions from Fitball that accompanies each ball. Inspect
Please do not open your package with a sharp object. Remove the ball from the packaging and inspect for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. It's normal for the ball to have slight creases (fold marks) when first inflated. Make sure the ball is at room temperature before proceeding.

inflating the Gymnic or Fitball exercise ball Remove the plug from the ball. Do not use a sharp object to remove the plug. A coin (quarter) can be used to raise the plug enough to pull it out. The manufacturer includes a packet containing an extra plug. Bicycle pumps are designed to inflate low volume to a high pressure. Exercise balls have a large volume and a low pressure. Pumps designed to inflate large items (like air mattresses)work best on exercise balls. A free dual action hand pump is included with each order.

The balls are inflated according to size, not pressure. Never inflate the ball larger than the recommended diameter. Each ball has the maximum diameter (width) printed on it in centimeters and inches. To insure proper inflation, place the un-inflated ball between two flat, upright surfaces, such as a wall and a box. Make sure the box is the same distance from the wall as the ball's diameter. Inflate the ball until it just touches the 2 surfaces.


The exercise ball is an unstable surface so inspect the area you're working out in for any possible objects that may cause injury if you should suddenly fall off the ball. If you're new to exercise or have not exercised in a while then start your program with a visit to your doctor for clearance. We always recommend taking advantage of working with a certified instructor or trainer with A.C.E. and/or ACSM certification.

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