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Exervo™ Board Balance, Step and Strength Trainer

exervo balance power boardThe Exervo™ Board is a new product that combines the ability to perform balance, agility, strength, toning and step exercises all in one compact and rugged design. This board is easy to use for beginners and offers challenge for the advanced user as well. We'll guide you through the proper use of the board and introduce you to over 30 exercises during our standard 22-minute instructional video. Physical Therapist and athletic trainer Todd Miller, MS, PT, ATC demonstrates a wide range of basic and advanced exercise utilizing the exervo™ Board along with the standard accessories. We designed this program for you to achieve results in a simple, well explained and demonstrated format.

The system includes these standard items:

  • Exervo™ Board for lateral plus toe/heel balance training
  • adjustable exercise tubing for upper body strengthening and toning
  • support pillars for converting the balance board to a step trainer
  • lightweight ball for balance, reaction and agility exercises
  • exercise band for lower body strengthening
  • 22-minute instructional video
  • view large photo of system

Key Features

The board primarily functions as a balance trainer, step trainer or anchor for the exercise tubing. In balance mode the user can perform lateral and toe/heel balance exercises. In step mode the board pillars are easily slipped in place to create a stable step platform. Locking exercise tubing with handles is secured into the board to perform a variety of strengthening and toning exercises. A lightweight hand ball is also included in the system. This ball is used for the agility and reaction exercises presented in the video. The elastic band allows the user to perform leg extension, glute kickback plus inner and outer thigh exercises while balancing on the board. A highly appealing attribute of the board is that it is easy to use so beginners will feel safe and comfortable right away. Advanced users will certainly be challenged by many of the single leg balance and strength exercises covered in the video. The exervo™ instructional program is not just balancing on a board. It's combining balance, action and forces to achieve functional improvement and results.

The problem with some balance products is that they're so hard to balance on the user becomes frustrated, tense and fears falling. Relaxing is a key ingredient to performing any physical skill and achieving consistent results. Improving balance is about increasing neuromuscular awareness to react and adapt to slightly unstable surfaces in order to re-establish balance equilibrium. The exervo™ elastomer balance core offers just enough instability while performing each exercise. The user will learn to re-gain balance equilibrium and progress through the exercises. The Exervo™ Board program is designed to reach the broadest range of user abilities and ages.

Sample Exercises
Agility Balance Strength Step


How it Works

There are two basic operating modes to the Exervo™ Board- balance mode and step mode. In balance mode the pillars that are in place for step mode are removed. The board now pivits laterally plus fore and aft on a center elastomer core. This rubber core is designed to offer moderate balance challenge in multiple directions for both two footed and single foot exercises. While in balance mode the board can be combined with other accessories like the handball, elastic foot band and exercise tubing to achieve a number of balance, agility and strength exercises for fitness and therapy modalities.

In step mode, the deck support pillars are secured in place between the deck and the base of the board. The exervo™ Board now becomes a stable platform for step training types of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. that have been developed over the past twenty years since the introduction of the step trainer.

The ability to convert from balance to step mode combined with the exercise possibilities using the various accessories makes the Exervo™ Board System the most versatile exercise trainer in this category.


Video Summary

How to use the board
Standing on the board

Basic Board Exercises
Lateral and toe/heel movement
Four corners touch
Board Squat
Board rock long axis
Corner touch long axis
Single foot toe touch long axis
Offset stance and rock long axis

Board work with Overball
Overhead reach
Knee touch
Opposite hand/opposite foot
Four corners touch
Ball bounce and catch
Single hand bounce and catch
Overhead bounce and catch
Chest pass toss and catch
Underhand toss and catch
Overhead toss and catch
Lateral toss and catch

Advanced Board Exercises
Single leg lateral and toe/heel rock
Single Leg Squat

Advanced Board Work with Overball
Overhead raise with ball
Knee touch with ball
Corner touch with ball
Single leg ball tossing

Tubing Exercises on the Board
Connecting to the board
Adjusting the tension
Bicep curl
Overhead press
Chop and lift
PNF D1 crossover
PNF D2 crossover
Tricep extension

Footband Exercises on the Board
Leg Abduction
Leg Extension
Leg Kickback
Leg Crossover


Balance Board Other Components
Deck Dimensions: 21"L x 11.5"W
Base Dimensions:21.5"L x 12.5"W
Deck Height from Ground:6.75"
Deck Surface: Slip-resistant, grooved
Pillar Supports: Removable
Materials: Plastic with fiber
Balance Core: Rubber elastomer
Testing: 30,000 cycles @ 330 lbs
Max User Weight Rating: 330 lbs
Exercise Tubing: One pair with revolving handgrips
Video: 22-minute instructional VHS
Hand Ball: Lightweight, 8" diameter
Exercise Loop: 3" wide band  
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Product Detail Photos

Click on these links to view large photos detailing the board features:
slip resistant deck  |  balance mode  |   adjustable tubing  |  step mode
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Follow this link: Exervo Board

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