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Aquajogger Shape Belt

Aquajogger Shape Water Exercise Buoyancy Belt


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Aquajogger Bouyancy Belt Designed For Fuller Figures

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The new Aquajogger Shape buoyancy belt features a long, slim and sleek design and fits comfortably and securely on shorter, less contoured waist lines. Perfect fit for:

Fits sizes up to 48" (custom lengths available). Includes a free 23-minute "Getting Started" DVD and an illustrated workout guide. Color currently shipping is Blue.

What I Like About Aquajogger Water Exercise Equipment

image of Hal Lier, owner of Nefitco, Inc. "I spent a Summer a few years ago deep water running in a slow moving river with my Aquajogger gear to rehab from a problem with my hip. I couldn't run on the roads but I could run until my hearts content in the water. Water running and exercise will tire muscles and provide cardiovascular conditioning with zero impact to the joints. The Aquajogger belts are designed to keep you nicely vertically aligned in the water and the DeltaBells and AquaRunners will give you the added resistance you'll need. I found exercising in the water with no Bells or Runners didn't offer enough resistance. Exercising in the water with this gear is a great workout and the resistance can be easily modulated by moving hand or feet faster or slower through the water. The benefits to you of zero impact and resistance in all planes of motion are not available in any form of land training." - Hal Lier, Owner- Nefitco.com

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